Level: Intermediate

Español, English

6th -10th July 2020
Presential attendance.


Advance your knowledge
with a Masterclass

This intermediate-level Masterclass is for those already familiar with Blockchain and are looking to move to the next level, from background knowledge to greater understanding - with a pragmatic focus on execution of new solutions in the payments industry. Led by instructors who are active blockchain entrepreneurs with financial and technical experience, this is a high-performance, intensive one-week programme for executives and professionals who need to build skills to develop solutions using blockchain.

Masterclasses are demanding, intensive modules and require physical attendance for hands-on progress. Peer-to-peer interaction is encouraged. Be prepared to be pushed past your comfort level. Class sizes are limited to 15. Check to see you if you are eligible to access the programme.

Programme Content

Introduction, Bitcoin and Fundamentals of Cryptography (4 hours) Introduction to Blockchain (1 hour) • Bitcoin (2 hours) • Applied Cryptography (1 hour) Blockchain technology (4 hours) • Components, structure and operation of the Blockchains (1 hour) • Main consensus algorithms: PoW vs. PoS and others (1 hour) • Blockchains typologies: Public, Hybrid and Private; network typologies (1 hour) • Technology Challenges: The Blockchain Trilemma (1 hour) Ethereum & Smart Contracts (4 hours) Ethereum (1 hour) • Smart Contracts (1 hour) • DApps - Decentralized Applications (1 hour) • DAOs - Independent decentralized organizations (1 hour) CryptoEconomia & Tokenomics (4 hours) • Cryptocurrencies (1 hour) • Stablecoins (1 hour) • Tokenization (1 hour) • ICOs & STOs (1 hour) Blockchain and Industry (14 hours) • Use cases (4 hours) Innovation workshop with Blockchain (10 hours) Dates are subject to change.

Objectives and Key Results

This is a dynamic, hands-on class that you should attend if you are seeking to develop or deploy a blockchain solution for your organisation. You will acquire a clear understanding of the fundamentals of Blockchain technology and will be able to initiate your project in the workshop at the end of the module.

A4PAY Members will benefit from on-going access to experts after the Masterclass has ended.

Masterclass Instructors
Xavier Hidalgo & Ricard Gutiérrez

Xavier Hidalgo is a software engineer and CTO having worked at telcos ONO and Telefónica, the Swiss Government and Andorra Telecom. Normal Nielsen Group has recognised him for the best cross-platform software application. In 2014 he worked in Vietnam as CTO of Lazado Group (Alibaba). Currently Global CTO of ApiumTech, he also leads the Master’s of Software Architecture degree at La Salle- URL. Mentor to entrepreneurs, his hallmark is the search for technical excellence. He is Blockchain Advisor at Ogilvy, the world's leading communication company, and has developed and implemented Blockchain projects for several international banks.

Ricard Gutiérrez is a financial analyst and wealth manager with financial industry expertise acquired in Luxembourg as a portfolio fund manager. Involved with cyrpto since 2012. As CEO of BTC Assessors, in April 2018 he opened Malta's first FIAT currency investment fund in cryptocurrency. Ricard holds a Master's Degree in Banking and Finance (UPF), CEFA (IEF) and Executive PDG from (IESE).


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