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A4PAY Represents innovators in Europe's payments industry and financial services sector. We advance knowledge of technology and build the preparedness of payments organisations and their executives for a future dominated by technology. As the trade association leading innovation in the payments industry, A4PAY represents members involved in all aspects of payments, from payment networks, to issuers, processors, gateways, and Payment Institutions. With a clear focus on science and technology our association draws on the experience of our members and world-class experts to support a strong and innovative payments industry.

Membership in A4PAY is open to companies and professionals involved in the financial services and payments industry or that support the industry. The A4PAY bylaws establish the requirements for membership as follows:

  • Companies or professionals engaged in the payments and/or financial service industry that meet the criteria for one of the A4PAY industry segments and are registered in the European Union shall be eligible for membership.
  • Companies in the payments industry with their principal office in a country outside the European Union may be admitted to membership on approval by the A4PAY Chair and Treasurer or their designee(s).
  • Members contribute annual fees for all industry segments where they access expertise.

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    1Is my organisation elegible to apply for membership?
    A4PAY aims to provide a curated space for innovators in the payments industry and the financial services sector as a whole, therefore it is a prerequisite to be active in this industry. Whilst the focus is pan-European, A4PAY welcomes professionals and companies working in the payments industry in any part of the world.
    2What is the elegibility criteria to attend Masterclasses?
    Access to the executive education programmes is restricted. Masterclasses are highly-specialised modules specifically designed for professionals and company executives in the payments industry. To qualify for attendance, participants must possess an accredited university-level qualification with a minimum of 1-year post-qualification experience in the payments industry or possess relevant professional certifications or be a patent-holder.
    3As a corporate member, will everyone in my organisation have access?
    A4PAY is the home of innovators in the payments industry. With a corporate membership, all employees involved in innovation within the organisation will be able to consult A4PAY experts and will benefit from a discount when attending the Masterclasses.
    4How is APAY different?
    A4PAY is centred upon execution of innovation, not just talking or blogging about it. Our members have created new products and services in the payments sector, invented new technologies, created patents and new I.P. in the sector and attracted investment. While it is possible to find quality executive education in Corporate Finance, Strategy, Marketing or even Fintech, A4PAY is unique in preparing senior executives to get comfortable with new technology.