What We Do


A4PAY is the official website of the Association for Payment Innovation, a European trade association representing all aspects of the Payments industry. A4PAY’s members include integrated payments processing companies, as well as payment gateways and European Payment Institutions, payment initiators, account service aggregators, POS hardware manufacturers, E-money providers, payment security companies, payment networks in addition to retail service and supply firms.

The focus is primarily European, although our scope has expanded to include a growing international dimension. Today A4PAY is recognised for creating a specialist range of accredited masterclass programs.


A4PAY’s mission is to promote innovation across the payments industry globally and to influence public policy in support of science and innovation in the financial services industry as a whole, which traditionally, has not been at the forefront of technology.


We represent the payments industry when communicating with the public on innovation, policy and issues of public interest, as well as the Regulatory Authorities and National Supervisors to promote innovation at a societal level and with executive branches of Government, the European Commission, Member State governments and the media. We negotiate with regulatory agencies, can represent the industry in legal proceedings, participate in industry coalitions and work in partnership with other Fintech associations to achieve our members’ public policy goals.

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